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Thai Culture

Thai Customs

Thai people are very friendly, always smiling and willing to help you at any time, and they have the utmost respect for themselves and tourists visiting their beautiful country. So when visiting Thailand you should return the same amount of respect for them, and their culture.

Thai greetings

The first word you will probably learn is "sawadee ka" which means hello (these. Thaïs will greet you with the palms of their hands flat together (like as if they were praying) holding them close to their chest, and at the same time bowing their head, it would be polite to return the greeting, especially to an older member.

Don't worry after a day or so you will be saying hello and good morning in their native tongue.

  sawadee ka

Behavior in public

Thai people do not show great streams of affection in public, it is unacceptable, it is engrained into their custom and culture, the only contact you probably will see is holding hands. But do not get me wrong they are very loving and affectionate in the home. Thai ladies are attracted to men with a calm and placid nature, and who act like a gentleman at all times, they also like a man who can make them laugh or sing them a song from time to time. So remember on your first date, do not make intimate contact with your lady, holding hands will be acceptable only with the ladies permission. Follow these golden rules and she will have immense respect for you.

The King and Queen of Thailand

King Bhumibol and Queen Sirikits names are engraved on every Thai nationals heart, everywhere you go you will see a picture of the King, who lives in Hua Hin a peaceful resort south of Bangkok. One day you may be in a railway station or bus terminal, when the national anthem will start to play, everybody no matter what they are doing will come to a halt until the music has finished. To keep moving while the music is playing is seen as an insult to the Royal family. Also do not insult the Royal family to a Thai national, as it will land you in trouble.

Religion in Thailand

Whatever your religious belief, you should always respect other peoples religions and beliefs, especially when you are in other countries. Buddhism in Thailand is worshiped by most Thai nationals and plays a key role in the lives of the people. Everywhere you go, may it be in a bar, an office, a small business, private dwellings etc, you will see miniature shrines where people stop to pray and burn candles, they also leave food and drink as an offering to Buddha. The shrines are very sacred and should be treated with the utmost respect.


Remember when in Rome do as the Romans do