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Discovering Thailand

Thailand is a beautiful and fascinating country with its breath taking scenery and exotic beach resorts, but what makes it so special is the Thai people, they are a very polite, helpful and a calm race, which is all down to their religion and culture.

Here we present you with a video we feel captures the real spirit of Thailand. It's 40 minutes long.


Approx 60 million


Language spoken:

  The best way to explore a new city is to connect with the people who live in it. Join jetsetting presenters Toby Amies and Asha Gill on a radical urban adventure as they plug into city after city with the help of its most colourful and clued-in residents.

Bangkok An Asian supercapital, a labyrinth, and a traffic jam rolled into one, Bangkok is a mash of the contemporary and the traditional, the sacred and the profane.

Traveller Toby Amies goes bush-whacking in the ultimate man-made jungle. He meets:

Nym – a fellow photographer who bears the scars of a day at the world's weirdest tattoo festival and discovers something unheard of in the klongs of the Chao Praya River

Pariyakorn  – a Thai boxing promoter who unleashes her best female fighters on Toby and teaches him how to chill out with a good .45.

Jumbo  – a Buddhist bon viveur who shows Toby just what can happen when you combine a rocket scientist and a tuk-tuk.

Marko  – an emergency paramedic who takes Toby bodysnatching on the mean streets of Bangkok and places him at the mercy of man-eaters in a temple with a twist.

Manit – an artist who points the finger at rampant consumerism armed with nothing more than a shopping trolley and a loud suit.

Andrew H – a lifestyle magazine editor and roving gourmet who takes Toby hunting and gathering Bangkok-style

More facts about Thailand

Location: South East Asia, sharing borders with neighboring countries such as Malaysia, Vietnam, Burma, Cambodia and Laos.

Climate: Thailand is hot and humid all year round, with temperatures always above 70 degrees, the rainy season starts in May and ends in September. While the dry season starts from November to March. The hottest period is from March to May. And the most rainfall is between July and October.

Attractions: Resorts Thailand has many beautiful paradise beach resorts such as Ko Samui, Krabi and the Phi Phi islands where the film The Beach was made, bathe in crystal clear waters and soak up the sun on sandy white beaches fringed with coconut trees the perfect way to relax.

Bangkok: Is the capital of Thailand a fascinating city famous for its night life, site seeing and Thai cuisine, visit one of many lady bars, or visit the famous Grand Palace or the Floating Market, eat in one of many Thai restaurants and taste the local cuisine.


Thai women Ladies: Thai women are amongst the most beautiful women in the world, they get their good looks from Polynesian and Chinese descent, along with their hourglass supermodel figures. Also their charm and personality shines through like a ray of sunshine. But the most important quality they posses, is that they truly believe in marriage, faithfulness and fidelity is priority. Thai women will work at their marriage and try everything to save it, when Thai women marry in their eyes it is for life, something that is engrained into their culture.

Here are some of Thailand’s attractions and beauty spots

Bridge over the River Kwae

The Famous Bridge over the River Kwae 

The Sutadtepwararam Temple in Bangkok, the Patimoke is a monthly meeting of every single monk and novice in a temple. Rules and regulations are revised as well as the Buddha’s teachings. This is one of the most important chanting traditions, which each and every temple plan and carry out their own convenient schedule. 
The Sutadtepwararam Temple

Floating Market on the Mai Klong River
The Floating Market on the Mai Klong River. A daily life of barter commerce. Agricultural products by the villagers living along the Klongs of the central plain, are transported by water along Damnern Saduak and klongs in the Ratburi parameter. The delta at the mouth of the Mai Klong River is interlaced with scores of Kong’s of all sizes, which is why the commerce of the floating market exists till the present day. 

During the cold season around the Khun Phong Waterfall at the Pu Kradung National Park, the maple leaves known to the Esarn people as Fai Duan Ha, or the fire of the fifth month turn the hills bright red. This species of tree spreads down from China and ends in the tropical forest area of Thailand’s Northeast.
Khun Phong Waterfall

islands of Koh Phai and Koh Yung
The two smaller islands in the Phi Phi archipelago are Koh Phai and Koh Yung. From an Ariel view it is easy to see the coral reef and white sandy beach of Koh Phai, which is now a part of the Noparat Tara and Phi Phi islands National Park. 

The Mahathat Temple

The Mahathat Temple was once the royal chapel of the royal palace of the Sukhothai, as the Pra Sri Sanpetch temple was for Ayudhya and the Pra Sri Ratanasasdaram is for the Rattanakosin Period. Although time has demolished the old ruins, the architectural floor plan clearly indicates that the structures in the past were of exceptional beauty.